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I read this from Blade Runner comic
Deckard: “…After hours of doing toots and bellyholes, and peering at ladies who may have been talented, but definitely weren’t either of my female replicants, I ended up at Taffy’s Bar…”. So, what does ‘doing bellyholes’ mean?.
I’ve try google that phrase and found belly-button _ this makes no sense to me.

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As a native English speaker, I have no idea. Unless it’s all slang that I’m not hip enough to know.

Native English speaker here: I have no idea. This sounds like some kind of obscure slang or maybe it’ll be explained later in the book but it’s not a things we, Americans, anyway, go around saying.

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As other comments mention, this is not thing for native english speakers. Likely just from the work

Blade runner is a noir novel set in a post modern, dystopian future.

The author went out of his way to make Deckard appear to be more like Humphrey Bogart, than a dried up cop / technological savant. Some of the things Deckard says are akin to what a private Investigator would have said in a 30’s or 40’s film noir.

What i’m saying is that this could be just an archaic aphorism. That he was listening to music and staring at women on the street of bad dreams.