Bacon – how does it go “bad”


Commercial bacon is a cured meat but it has a “best before date” on the package. Assuming it’s left in the original packaging, what happens to it after the BB date to make it inedible? (Acknowledging that the BB date is probably conservative and there’s likely some time built in before it’s truly inadvisable to consume.)

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It’s not cured like jerky. There is still a lot of moisture in the bacon. So after a while it will rot or bacteria will start to eat it and then it no longer safe for us to eat

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Modern curing processes don’t preserve the meat properly compared to traditional curing. Usually water is added too but which doesn’t help.

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past the “best before” date doesn’t mean it is inedible, it just means it might not taste as good, it is up to you if you think it ok

if food is likely to become inedible/dangerous after some time it’ll have a “use-by” date

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Bacon is apparently supposed to be eaten within a week of opening, if not frozen. But my whole life we’ve eaten it way past then. If the bacon is molding or smells sour then it’s tossed out, but I’ve found that until then it still tastes fine