Biological clock


I don’t know if in English that term “Biological Clock” is a thing, but does that really exists? Like, everyday I wake up 2 min before my alarm rings, how does that work?

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Circadian rhythm.
Yes it is a thing. People generally keep to routines and this cycle is about 24 hours that reflects our daily lives. Get up around the same time, active for X hours, go to sleep around the same time, repeat.

There are constant hormonal changes that respond to things like light, temperature, and activity.

When people refer to “biological clock,” they are usually referring to something else. It’s mostly associated with women having the urge to get pregnant near the end of their child bearing years.

What you’re referring to is circadian rhythm. Life on earth has evolved around a 24 hour cycle, and whether we are conscious of it or not we know when to expect daylight and other things.