Can a drug itself cause the disease it is meant to cure?


I came across something that said that if drugs are taken in concentrations other than the normal ones, they can start causing the disease instead of curing it.

In: Biology

The chemotherapy agents used to treat cancer can, themselves, give rise to other cancers. So… yes.

I think besides treatments that deal with cell divisin (radiotherapy and chimiotherapy to treat cancer) drugs wont cause the SAME disease youre treating for because the treatments are mostly to counter the disease.

That doesnt mean that they cant cause other health problems, many can indeed

It can cause withdrawal when the drug is removed that mimic the original problem – for instance if someone has Hyperthyroidism and they take anti-thyroid medication – their thyroid will produce more thyroid hormone to compensate for the inhibition from the drugs – then when the drugs are removed there is EVEN MORE thyroid hormone being produced than before