Can someone explain what Globalism is?


Can someone explain what Globalism is?

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Well in econ, it refers to how countries are pretty much interconnected and their economies are ingrained in each other; kinda like a codependency

Usually the product we provide for another country is one that costs us less to make and they trade us something that costs less for them to make.

Let’s say like we give Mexico cars, Mexico gives us textiles. Given that it’s better for us to make cars and trade for textiles. Vice versa. Obvi this is a lot more complex when you include other variables, such as labor.

But this in a global scale with many market participants, is globalism

First of all, the words globalism and globalisation are often confused, but they’re pretty different.

Globalisation refers to the trend towards economic integration between different countries. In the past, people mostly sourced goods locally. In modern times, goods are distributed all over the world and a single product might well have components originating on several continents. Much of this is overseen by multinational corporations, which operate all over the world, don’t really have a particular nationality, and often have power rivalling governments.

Globalism has been used by academics to refer to various different ideas that focus on the world as a whole. But nowadays it’s mostly a term used by the far right. Sometimes they use it as a synonym for internationalism, the idea of different countries working together to achieve common goals – people on the far right tend to dislike this because of their emphasis on nationalism, the idea that their country is distinctive and special and should focus on its own goals regardless of the consequences for anyone else. But the word “globalism” is particularly strongly associated with various conspiracy theories which allege that some kind of shadowy organisation, usually dominated by “the Jews”, is secretly controlling the world.