Difference between pulmonary circulation and systemic circulation


So what I was told is that pulmonary circulation is the segment of the circulatory system that brings blood from the heart to lungs and back to the heart, would that mean that systemic circulation is just the segment in which blood is transferred throughout the rest of the body?

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Circulation is this. De oxegenated blood from the body enters the right atrium. Right atrium empties to right ventricle. Right centrical pumps the de oxygenated blood through capillaries in the lungs that allow gas exchange, then that newley oxygenated blood returns to the heart via the left atrium. The left atrium empties into the left ventrical to the rest of the body (including the lungs, they need blood too!).

So blood moves oxygen around the body like a courier moving coal to factories. Tissues need oxygen like factories need coal to burn.

Pulmonary circulation: right heart pushes blood without oxygen (empty-courier trucks) through the lungs to pick up oxygen (coal).
Systemic circulation: left heart pushed blood with oxygen (full courier trucks with coal) to all the other tissues in the entire body so that they can use the oxygen (factories get the coal to burn).

[Great simple/ELI5 from Difference Between website](https://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-single-and-double-circulation/amp/)