Do birds/animals really flee on mass from impending natural disasters, i.e Tsunamis, asteroids etc before humans are even aware like they do in movies?



And how, why?

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Cats for example are able to feel small tremors before the tsumani arrives. I’m assuming many other animals can as well.

An asteroid doesn’t have a similar warning sign. It’s faster than sound so good ears won’t help.

Cattle do in fact form tight clumps before tornados and bad thunderstorms. Its due to the sudden drop in air pressure. We sense it too but we don’t have as dramatic of instinctual reflexes

I really doubt this works for asteroids. Animals aren’t psychic. Whoever sees an asteroid way up in the atmosphere would be the first living being to react to its presence

I live in earthquake prone area and my dog will up and run right before one, just a second or 2 not enough to do prepare much but she certainly seems to have ability to sense something.

Most mammals have vastly better hearing than we do, especially at ultrasonic frequencies. The lead up to many disastrous events produce sounds that we are deaf to, but to other animals sound like a siren.

When i lived in Colorado, my dog started acting weird, going in circles, looking behind him like something was chasing him, ears on full alert, this went on for 15 irritating minutes or so, until a 4+ earthquake hit centered down by Telluride, rocked my little cabin until a few dishes started falling out of the cabinets, the small town was built on a former river-bottom land, so i learned about liquefaction at the same time: long story short, certain kinds of damp ground, start to turn into a semi-liquid as the earth around it rock and rolls during an earth quake.

Yes. It’s a not entirely understood how they do it, but it’s a combination of hearing, sight, barometric pressure, and the other unknown *something* that warns animals it’s time to go.

Right before Yasi, the biggest cyclone of the century in QLD, a flock of rainbow parakeets that lived in my backyard just… vanished. Gone. It was about three days before the cyclone hit. Somewhat more eerily, the *butterflies* also vanished from my garden that same day.