Do you still have hormonal cycles with birth control?


Let me explain. With the birth control that I use, I don’t menstruate. However, there are times each month when my emotions are higher and I’m more sensitive, similarly to how I would feel right before my period would start. Are there hormones affecting my emotions even though I won’t be menstruating?

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Yes, even on birth control, you can have emotional changes. Birth control stops your periods by changing your hormone levels, but it doesn’t stop all hormone changes.

Different pills in your pack have different hormones, so you might feel emotional changes, just like in a natural cycle, even though you don’t have a period.

I still have migraines right before my period because of the fluctuations. However my libido is greatly decreased because it does effect your hormones. If you Google it: Birth control pills flood our bodies with high doses of artificial estrogen and progesterone, causing our production of natural hormones to turn off, preventing ovulation, and thinning the unterine lining. This can lead to a hormonal imbalance such as estrogen dominance.