Does being around (like a roommate, or girlfriend) who is sick make you more sick even if you’ve already been infected?


If my roommate gets sick and then has already gotten me sick, does being around them after I’ve already been infected strengthen the symptoms?

By introducing more of the viral germs from them to me or is it like once I’m sick with the same thing they have it doesn’t matter anymore because it’s already entered my body and my immune response is already active?

In: Biology

While viral load is an important factor in many aspects, it does not really matter a whole lot in this situation. While you are symptomatic, the amount of pathogen (virus/bacteria, typically) in your system that your own body is already producing is going to be factors higher than the amount you’re breathing in from your sick roommate. We’re talking millions or billions times more than what you would breathe in from your roommate.

It does not make much difference in most cases. However they might not have the same virus strain as you. And getting two virus infections at once is a lot worse then only one. So it could be quite dangerous to be around sick people when you are sick yourself.