Does wind chill only affect living creatures?


To rephrase, if a rock sits outside in 10F weather with -10F windchill, is the rock’s surface temperature 10F or -10F?

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Windchill affects everything that’s not the same temperature as the wind (and/everything that is wet/damp).

Wind increases the rate at which heat is transferred, however heat is only transferred when there’s a temperature gradient. A rock that’s been sitting outside and is exactly the same temperature as the air won’t “feel” cold.

So the rock in your example would be 10F.

Windchill is what temperature it “feels” like on bare skin.

Objects do not experience wind chill.

Wind will cool things down faster because when there is wind the heated air is carried away and replaced with cooler air.

No amount of wind will cool down an object below ambient temperature – unless there is evaporative cooling taking place.

The rock would be at 10F.

If the rock is warm, it will cool faster in windy -10 then in a non windy 10. The moving air will likely move heat away from the rock faster. If the rock is already 10 it will make no difference. A living creature will rarely if ever be as cold as the outside temperature, even cold blooded creatures try to warm up so will always be chilled harder by wind.

A damp non-living can experience the effects of wind chill, as the wind is both accelerating heat transfer by forced convection and evaporative cooling. That’s how wind chill is measured, a thermometer with a damp bulb.

For example of you love somewhere cold, try to park with your radiator and engine facing away from the wind. It will give an added bonus chance of starting lol