Drop D tuning


Can someone please tell me or point to a video of how to drop the low E string on my guitar without snapping it? Every single time I have tried it just breaks off. Thank you!

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How is the low E snapping when you’re supposed to be releasing tension to drop the note?

Real easy. Tune the 6th E String (top) down to match the 4th D string in standard tuning. You should not be snapping any strings because you are tuning down versus up.

To be clear – were you trying to tune your low E string up an almost full octave to the *higher* D?

In addendum to everyone else here, just a heads up, the OVERWHELMING majority of alternate guitar tunings are overall lower. There may be a handful say in open tunings where a string goes up by maybe a step, but you generally are tuning down towards (but not all the way to) the bass range.