During commercial breaks, why do they sometimes play half a second of one commercial before switching to another?


I’ve noticed this before but I’ve never given it any thought until just now while watching the NBA Eastern Conference Finals game. It seems that sometimes during a commercial break they will play just a second of a commercial before jarringly interrupting it for a different commercial.

I wonder maybe if it’s the producers at the TV network (in this case TNT) that have a bunch of commercials lined up and they make a queueing mistake (?) or something. I feel like in this day and age that we would have automated such a process, as it disrupts the viewing experience a little whenever just errors occur.

Also I thought that it could be an interesting technique to get our attention and break our natural instinct to “tune out” the commercials, but that doesn’t seem likely. Does anyone know why this happens?

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Saw this from a guy who scheduled TV commercials

Every hour of television, there are two local breaks, one minute each. If your local cable company sells that time, a local ad will run. If your local cable company does not sell that time, it defaults to whatever the network chose, usually a specific type of ad called “Direct Response.” Sometimes the Networks center and the Cable Company’s center are not in synch. Watch FX, it’s off by about 5 seconds. Most networks it’s no more than 1 second.