ELI5%3A%20How is Blue flame hotter than white

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Was thinking of something to do with flames and i kept imagining white flames because i thought they were the hottest, so to satisfy my curiosity i looked it up and goggle said that blue was hotter, even more curious i looked up their temperatures and white flames have a higher base temp compared to blue

So can someone explain the science aspect please

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As the object gets hotter, the radiation it emits starts to fall onto the shorter wavelength side. Going from red towards more white, as it encompasses more of the visible spectrum. At some point the average starts shifting towards shorter and shorter wavelengths, giving it a blue hue. The peak light output starts falling more onto the UV side of things, and there’s less of other colours. (Ofcourse it still outputs a lot of light, just less than near the blue spectrum).

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Typically related to burning natural gas, propane, or petroleum based fuels. Blue flame when burning these fuels typically indicates the best possible fuel/oxygen mixture, which results in a more efficient flame, generating more heat.

Alternatively, burning copper sulfate results in blue flame that’s quite a bit hotter than any fossil fuel based flame.