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How are animals so swole & full of stamina with no gym & training

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Their life is a gym. Humans used to never go to the gym because life is a gym. We today sit here on our fat asses doing effectively nothing all day, so we have to specifically take time out of our day to work out so we don’t die of our indulgence. Animals don’t go to the gym because life is hard enough and they don’t need to lift weights to make it harder

Most animals don’t actually have a lot of stamina. They mostly use bursts of energy. Humans have way more stamina than most other animals, with exception to wolves. Humans would hunt by just running down prey. If you did this, you’d get buff real quick. You could experience this even by just walking

Its the same with animals. The act of running around, hunting down prey or fighting off predators. Also take deer, mouse, goats, that the males will constantly fight one another.