eli5 Are drinks like soda, ice tea, and juices, more likely to bring on the urge to urinate than water? Or vice versa? Why?



to be more specific. Say I am on a long car ride and have no opportunities to stop for a rest room, would it be smarter to sip water during the car ride or something else?
((obviously the smart thing to do would be to not drink during the car ride thats just the best way I can explain my question))

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Mildly, yes. Caffeine is known to have some mild diuretic effects (stimulates your need to pee) as long as you don’t have a [caffeine tolerance](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19774754/).

So, anything that contains caffeine might make you need to use the restroom more frequently depending on how much caffeine was in the drink and how often you drink caffeine. Juices on the other hand appear to have basically no diuretic effect. Well, there are some really weird juices that *do* anecdotally have diuretic effects but they are weird things like parsley juice (and I’m guessing are talking about things like apple/orange/grape juice).

If anything, juice is likely to make you pee *less frequently* because they usually contain so much sugar that any water in the juice will be needed to process the sugar in your body since your body can only process simple carbs with water. (Which, by the way, is why you get so thirsty after pigging out at a Chinese buffet/on pasta/etc.)

EDIT: like someone else pointed out, you can definitely drink so much of anything though that your body can’t process it in time and just needs to get rid of it!

Caffeinated sodas are going to make your pee more, as caffeine is a diuretic.

Your body can only process so much glucose (sugar) at a time. If your blood sugar exceeds this limit, your body may need to excrete it, making you need to pee more. An extreme (though fairly common) example of this can be seen in some people with diabetes. These people tend to urinate more often than those who don’t have diabetes.

They’re more or less equal. Most if not all drinks are majority water anyways, so if you’re trying to stop urination you’re better off not drinking too much of anything.

Minimal water or juice is best, other drinks can make you feel thirsty even by drinking them, encouraging you to consume more. Stick with what the body needs

Soda has salt in it, which makes you pee. Urinating is your body’s way of ditching excess salt.

Ice tea and juice will increase your blood sugar levels, which will make you feel thirsty, which will make you drink more than you would have if you were drinking water, which will make you pee.

Water also makes you pee. It’s the great circle of pee. Plan rest stops.