Eli5: Can laser eye surgery cure blindness?

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Why can’t laser eye surgery cure blindness? Eli5

I’ve been told I’ve got diabetic retinopathy and it’s getting worse. They mentioned potential ‘sudden vision loss’ and I went on a wild internet search and ended up here. Can someone tell me how laser eye surgery can make eyes see perfectly when they usually need glasses for severe vision impairment but can’t do anything for full vision loss? Please. Like I’m five. Thanks!

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Okay, imagine your eyes are like windows. Sometimes, things like diabetic retinopathy can make those windows blurry or damaged. Laser eye surgery is like fixing a small crack in the window to make it clearer, but it can’t fix it if the window is completely broken. So, while laser eye surgery can help improve vision for some problems, it can’t make someone see perfectly if they’ve lost their vision completely. It’s like trying to fix a really big hole in the window – sometimes it’s just too much for the surgery to fix.

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