Eli5: Can laser eye surgery cure blindness?

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Why can’t laser eye surgery cure blindness? Eli5

I’ve been told I’ve got diabetic retinopathy and it’s getting worse. They mentioned potential ‘sudden vision loss’ and I went on a wild internet search and ended up here. Can someone tell me how laser eye surgery can make eyes see perfectly when they usually need glasses for severe vision impairment but can’t do anything for full vision loss? Please. Like I’m five. Thanks!

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It depends on what the issue is with your vision.

Normal Lasik just reshapes the cornea to correct for issues with the lens of the eye. Basically, the lens bends the light wrong, so we bend it a little differently before it gets to the lens to _now_ the final product is in focus.

It can’t correct for other issues in the eye that might cause vision problems or blindness. If you have retinopathy – issue with the retina itself – Lasik can’t help you.

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