Eli5: Chugging Shots vs. Sipping Drinks


Would chugging 2 shots consecutively have worse health consequences vs. having 2 drinks (same amount) spaced out over say an hour or so? 2 shots concurrently does get you drunk faster and presumably the liver has to work faster/harder to process it or is it negligible amount of additional processing without any consequences?

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Liver works “at capacity” (one “drink” processed per hour), so if it’s just 2 shots and then you stop and go home, it’s not going to be that much harder on the liver than 2 beers over the course of an hour. Basically the alcohol will absorb into your blood through the stomach lining, and:

* In the case of two shots your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) will jump to 0.06 (0.03 per drink) and within one hour the liver will take that down to 0.03 and one more hour down to 0.00.

* In the case of the two beers (one every half hour), you’ll jump to BAC 0.03, down to 0.015 within half an hour, plus the second beer = 0.045, down to 0.030 at the end of the first hour, and down to 0.00 by the end of the second hour.

So the difference is that your highest BAC 0.06 with the two shots, and only 0.045 with the two beers. You’re basically “more drunk” earlier with the shots, and you get a buzz at the second beer with the beers.

Now if you’re talking more than 2 drinks, either very fast, or every day for a long portion of your life, then yeah you’ll get liver damage.