eli5 Clutch Springs ≠ Wheel Springs why?

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TIL that springs exist inside clutch plate wheels and I’m told that they’re supposed to reduce shock. Please can someone explain like I’m five as to why they’re not in standard automotive wheels (the ones that tyres go on)? Would they actually help with suspension in any way or whatever?

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Actually, springs are a common part of suspensions, and will be found above every wheel along with some sort of shock absorber to limit bouncing.

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The forces and purpose are completely different. Suspensions have springs, but they’re different.

Imagine you’re riding in a vehicle and your job is to hold a dinner plate against the wall of the cabin with your finger tips. Just friction holding it up. As the vehicle bounces around and changes speed you need to press harder to keep it touching the wall. That’s sort of what clutch springs do. They’re like your fingers. If the clutch slips the power delivery becomes uneven.

A suspension absorbs shocks to the wheels and axle. It absorbs energy to keep the wheels against the ground and minimize the shock to the chassis.