eli5 difference between keto diet and low calorie balanced diet


Suppose we bring an identical twin with same bmi the first one started keto diet with 2000 kcal/day
The other one started balanced healthy diet also with 2000 kcal/day both of them wants to lose weight with sedentary life style.what will happen after three months to their weight on the scale and will they lose the same amount of fat?

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I would say the one who did keto would weigh less, mostly because they would have less water retention.

It depends on a bunch of other conditions, like starting weight, their metabolism etc.

But broadly, assuming everything is equal, 2000kcal is below the maintenance level for the participants and caloric intake was equal, you would expect the person on the ketogenic diet to lose slightly more fat due to protein requiring slightly more energy to process in the body and that diet having a significantly higher protein diet than most balanced diets, which offsets the increase in fat (which requires less energy).

The person on the keto diet would also be expected to lose more weight on top of that due to a lower amount of water being bound to stored glycogen in the body.

Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean the person on the keto diet would be healthier, just because they would have more weight loss.

Also note it depends a lot on the details of both the people involved and the exact diets involved.

The idea of keto is that it tries to force your body into ketosis, which is where the body burns fat for energy instead of glucose(sugars). This is a less efficient process, so you’re effectively getting less calories. So if you’re effectively putting your body into ketosis, you’re burning more effective calories than you would otherwise, in terms of the typical food we in-take.

Even on keto, you need to maintain a calorie deficit, so if you are not burning 2000 calories a day you will gain weight either way.

The advantage of keto is that you will be hungry less often and less tempted to cheat on your diet. The disadvantage is that you *must* stick to your carb limit at all times for keto to be effective, otherwise it will not work. With normal calorie deficit, you could have a “cheat” meal and as long as your caloric intake was balanced out you’d be ok

Well there are several factors to this.

Firstly, How well will participants adhere to their diets?

If a Keto person badly wants pizza, their adherence will be bad. If a conventional dieter has mad blood sugar cravings, their adherence will be bad. This one I think goings slightly in favour of Keto as having better adherence since blood sugar cravings are no joke but your gut biome stabilises after about 30 days.

Secondly, water retention. I think it’s clear water retention will be better on Keto, although this is essentially meaningless in terms of health, it’s just a lower number on the scale. It’s also very short term (visible in the first few days of the diet).

Finally, I think Keto’s higher protein consumption will be more protective of losing muscle mass, meaning that the weight lost will be fat. Whereas with a conventional diet you will lost both fat and muscle.