Eli5: does the order in which you eat food matter?


Regarding digestion if hypothetically you have dessert first before eating dinner (but within the same time frame), does that lead to a different digestion outcome than if you had dinner before dessert?

Let’s say I eat a burger first then fries after, does that affect your stomach and digestion differently than if you were to eat fries first before the burger? Or assuming you have them within minutes of each other it doesn’t really matter?

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In terms of digestion, it shouldn’t matter. It might however effect your experience a good it, as something higher in sugar that hits your system more quickly / registers as a higher “value” meal mentally or in terms of your taste receptors… eating the dinner *after* dessert might not be as nice an experience for the dinner.

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Food order does change the absorption of carbohydrates. Protein or fiber first slows down carbohydrate absorption. Generally this is a good thing of there is any obesity or insulin resistance.


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I’m not sure, but I’ve been told many Europeans eat their salad after their meal for supposed digestive benefits (as a opposed to before as is common in the US).

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Grandmother wrote three health and cooking books. She was an old school hippy with a commune at one point. A lot of her things she said that we brushed off as crazy have come to be proven right over the years.

She suggested dessert, main course and then salad to push things through.

The main thing I’ve learned from my modern nutritionist is that we should not be drinking with our meals. 30 minutes on either side at least. It gives the food more time in your stomach acids to dissolve into workable matter for your intestines. Drinking with your means dilutes the stomach acids and allows more solid mass to slide out into your intestines where it can feed bad bacteria, parasites, and generally put more strain on your system.

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It’s been said already that your stomach processes food in the order that it enters the stomach. So if you have a burger before fries, the fries will just sit on top of the burger till the burger is done digesting. But in the same way that people can have two or more different types of meat in their stomachs at the same time, the two different types of carbs won’t have a big impact on the other as they are both digested by the same acid and enzymes.

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Eat low glycemic foods first, then high glycemic foods after to lessen the impact of the high glycemic food on your blood sugar.

For example, I always eat a bit of cheese before eating candy if I do not have a full stomach.

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It matters in the intestines, for example, eating food high in fiber and low in simple carbohydrates is better for your health as the sugars will enter your body slowly.

There’s a lot of possible different interactions.

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It can matter, but in some esoteric ways. Like, it won’t matter in terms of the digestion of nutrients. But there’s some data to show that if you drink cold beverages after a meal (for example, a cold soft drink) that can increase the risk of heart disease because it cools fats in the blood down. Whereas drinking hot drinks (like tea and coffee) after meals keeps those fats warmer and less likely to deposit in blood vessels.

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It has an impact, but it doesn’t matter for most modern people in the west.

If you don’t have any food restrictions then slight changes in how your body absorbs food are not going to impact you in your daily life. If your food is limited then it starts to matter and you should talk to a medical professional and have tests done on you, since a lot of it is dependant on your genetic makeup and gut microbiome.