Eli5 – effect of painkillers


Whenever I take painkillers, the pain only subsides long after it is supposed to. I understand that there is a window with a range of about 15-20 min, and I’m saying that it takes even longer than the longest estimates I find on Google.

Is there an explanation for this!

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Painkillers generally take a lot longer than 15-20 minutes to be effective. Orally taken ibuprofen takes 1-2 hours to reach peak serum concentration. Paracetamol taken by mouth can take up to 90 minutes or longer, depending on how full your stomach is.

If you’ve seen claims of 15-20 minutes then you’re either looking at minimum times or you’re looking at manufacturer sites/advertising which is likely quoting the shortest times they can get away with without being illegally inaccurate.