eli5, end up Working tired and nearly nodding off several times, but after time it’s like I wasn’t tired.


So most days when I work later in the day I get so tired to the point where I’m nearly falling asleep working but at most I’ll nod off for a second. After 10 to 15 minutes of nearly falling asleep but still actively working the feeling is gone. Still tired but not nodding off or anything like that anymore. What causes this to disappear?

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This type of daytime fatigue is often associated with sleep apnea, you should ask your doctor about a sleep study. Used to happen to me all the time.

The term Power Nap is cool these days. When you are very tired you can take quick nap for 10-15 minutes to be more energetic. I get tired very tired around 1-2pm and if I’m at home I probably hit the couch for a moment. A bit more difficult at office.

When you nod off even for a short moment, you’ve actually fallen asleep so it’s kinda super fast power nap although it doesn’t have the same overall effect.

If I’ve had bad night sleep-wise I’ve sometimes taken 4-5 naps top to remain functioning. No amount of coffee helps during those days.

There is something like “sleep windows” in the human biorhythm that make it way easier to fall asleep – the afternoon is a big one. Once you muscled your way through, it’s harder to fall asleep for a while. But: the exhaustion is still real, that’s why kids get cranky when they miss their time for sleep. For us grown ups it would be wise to relax or even power nap in those valleys of energy, because it gives an energy high thereafter (under certain circumstances it doesn’t, but that’s another story)