Eli5: Evaporation


Hello, I have a question about evaporation. If a substance has more potential energy, does it mean that the evaporation rate is higher compared to a substance that has less potential energy as the liquid is heated up? Or does it depend on the substance due to other factors that are more important than potential energy? Thank you for your help

In: Chemistry

Hi, Mechanical Engineering major here. The state of a material is highly dependent on the material. Evaporation is simply a transition phase between liquid and gas, so it follows similar rules. Generally, evaporation point is determined by the pressure and temperature of the fluid/gas in question. From both the temperature and pressure we have tables that can get us a LOT more values for the specific conditions in the situation. Potential energy is not really all that related, but you’re on the right track, since energy methods that include potential, kinetic, heat, and work energies can be used to analyze systems. Does that make sense?