Eli5 feed your fish as much as it can consume in two minutes. How did they come up with this universal rule?


I have seen this same label on little fish food, feeding my Betta, and on big pellet food while feeding a flowerhorn. Whats up what that?

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That is about how long it takes for fish to quit eating if you give them more than 2 minutes worth.

They came up with the rule because over feeding fish is dangerous because the excess food in the water can clog the filter and break down the food and redistribute it’s microscopic remains into the water causing the water quality to be poor because it’s just unedible at that point and they can breathe it in with the water. Thats why only food that should go in is what they can eat in one setting. Like imagine if humans had to breath in whatever rotten food was left over that they couldn’t eat lol. It’s actually safer to under feed a fish because over feeding can kill it from the harm it does to the water quality!