eli5 How are Social Security numbers given?


eli5 How are Social Security numbers given?

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Randomly. They used to be assigned given where you’re from, but there were privacy concerns.

They are completely randomized now, previously they contained information like your zip code, and what group you were blocked into, and only the last 4 numbers were random. But they realized it was too easy to steal someone’s identity so after 2011 all the digits were randomized.

Well in France they are made of:

A number (1 for men, 2 for women)

The last two numbers of your year of birth

The numbers of your month of birth

The first two numbers of the zip code of the department where you were born

A number incremented by 1 for each baby born that day (so 010 if you’re the 10 baby born that day).

Three random numbers

Two random numbers