Eli5 How come FaceTime says reconnecting on one side of the call but not both?


If it’s reconnecting doesn’t that mean both sides lost connection to each other?

Found this out when I was talking to my girlfriend and I hung and called her backed and she asked why I hung up I said it was reconnecting but for her it didn’t say that, and it happens every time.

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Never noticed this but my guess would be the loss of connection to the server. I don’t actually know if this is how FaceTime works but I imagine it would work something like:

Your call is routed to a server in between you and your friend. You are both connected to it, so if one of you loses connection, only that person has to connect to the server to reconnect the call, while the other can remain on the call with a fine to the call, unless the second person takes to long and then you’ll just time out and be booted anyway.