eli5: How come PCs can render 100 FPS in gaming, but it takes so long to render a single frame in blender



Blender is a 3d animation software thingy idk the exact terminology

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Because games are cheating to bring you “good enough” as fast as it can and try to avoid as much work as possible whereas software like Blender spend as much time as they need (when configured to do so) to render the scene in as realistic, accurate way as it can in as high quality as it is permitted. This is a very intense work when you don’t allow any cheating.

Your computer is using a lot of cheating to render the game. Between textures, etc., it’s really not rendering every pixel on the scene like Blender.

Your Blender render is ray tracing, calculating every line of light from your light source to every pixel, and then the reflection from that pixel to others, and so on, because the color brightness of things affect the perceived colors and brightness of things around them. This is an incredible amount of processing power. Some graphics cards are just now starting to do this though, but not to the fidelity of your Blender render.

Rendering a frame for a game vs in blender is like the difference in freehand drawing a rough floor plan of a house in a few minutes vs drawing a detailed floor plan to exact scale with rulers, T-Squares, triangles, etc., and it shows every door and the direction it opens, exact length of each wall and where it meets other walls, window sizes and locations, the attached garage you forgot about in your freehand sketch because you were in a rush to get it finished, specific hookups for an oven range, washer/dryer, etc.

The rough floor plan looks like a floor plan, and you can probably build something off it, but you don’t have all the details and it doesn’t look anywhere near as pretty or accurate to a real structure. The detailed plan could be taken and turned into an actual structure and, if drawn (and built) properly, will be *very* accurate to the real structure once built.