[ELI5] How do animation studios produce seasons? What exactly is the general process behind creating a weekly series?


I understand on some level that there are some pre-production planning with the studio, company and broadcasting brand. But what exactly does this entail? How does a budget get use to create the show?

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Budget is used to pay people who make the stuff. (Also to keep the electricity running and the rent for the studio space, but really it’s mostly being spent to employ people to do the work)

The management at a studio setups a production plan for the season. Early on they’re figuring out the details of the thing during the pre-production, then when they’re switching into production that’s when all the people really start getting to work.

That’s a great question! When it comes to pre-production planning, there are a lot of different tasks that need to be taken into account. The studio, company, and broadcasting brand will need to work together to create a budget for the show. This budget will need to cover things like production costs, crew salaries, equipment rentals, and any other costs associated with producing the show. Once the budget is set, the team will then need to decide on things like locations, casting,

Usually, the whole season is made before the first episode of it is ever aired. In case of streaming services, everything can be uploaded at once and either be made available all at the same moment (like Netflix) or in intervals (like Disney+). The intervals can be automated to have a show air on a pre-defined date and time or a human makes it available.