Eli5: how do bathroom appliances and sewer systems connect and work?

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How do toilets, sinks, showers, and everything connect with a cities sewer?

Got my answer,thanks.

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Pretty vague, but I will give this a shot for you. Bathrooms have fixtures, not appliances. Meaning they are static and add to permanence of the home. Appliances are in your home as replaceable machines. Although fixtures are replaceable they are more permanent.
Your sewer system is connected to he city mainline service. You have a sewer main for all the sinks, bath/showers toiles in your house. They are all connected one main drain that connects to the municipal main drain into the large sewer system in the street. A vent above the improvement structure (such as your house) helps the air gas breathe to allow a drain into this system. What exactly are you interested in?

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