eli5: How do Bugs survive winter


i genuinly curious how bugs such as flies and mosquitoos survive during winter and come back i. summer/spring, how can we eradicate mosquitoos permanently ? cold weather seems to be the optimal way so why it dont work ? do i have to move to siberia to never encounter one of those blood sucking vermin ? elp.

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Many individual adults don’t. Some species hibernate underground and within trees and some of them survive because they’re in well protected eggs or coccoons. Some travel south for the winter where it doesn’t get cold enough to freeze

Depends on the insect.

Some go into Diapause. They sleep, go somewhere under ground or into wood where its not that cold and once it gets warm again they wake up and the body starts working again.

Some travel somewhere warmer like some birds do. That’s most common with some butterflies. They just travel further south were it’s warmer.

And there are those who just don’t survive, but die each year, but there eggs or some early stadium of the insect survive the winter and get born once it gets warm the next year.


One part of this equation is that there are terrain features that never actually freeze. Snow is a great insulator, and some springs and swamps etc. have enough of a flow to keep from freezing, just enough to allow for eggs to survive winter.

They don’t. Most of them anyway. Their larvae survive mostly underground and come out when the weather is better.

Best way to have few musquito’s is having a two warm weeks at the end of winter – to have the new bugs to come up – to have some harsh freezing afterwards – to kill them all off. But it doesn’t only kill the “bad” bugs, also the “good” ones.

Best way to eradicate (or atleast, seriously reduce numbers) seems to be breeding genetically mutated ones which cannot reproduce and mix them with the population. I believe they do/id that somewhere already.