Eli5: How do people become pathological liars?


Eli5: How do people become pathological liars?

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I can’t speak to the brain-chemical reasons why some do, but personally, I was close. I grew up with very emotionally crazy home, and lying about nearly everything was the most logical choice to create peace and safety at home. I perfected the ability after years of practice, so I could hardly tell the difference. It seemed more of a perspective than a lie.

It has taken lots of emotional counceling to undo that crazy.

They usually become liars due to either not being able to express themselves truly to others, or because of hover parents.

Childhood trauma. Having to lie to survive, it becomes a survival technique, then becomes second nature.

Often paired with antisocial personality disorder (sociopath) often brought on by the same trauma, a need to disassociate your feelings from the emotions of those around you.