Eli5 How do people check digital footprints?


For jobs and such, thank you!

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Do you mean how do they find your social media?


One thing social media aims to do is make you easy to find. So your potential employer might do something as simple as sear for your name (or variations of your name) on the popular social media sites. They will also likely search by your email and any other email they can find associated to you. The social media platform will likely show you over people with the same name because you will have more connections to the potential employer. Your friends might be friends, or you live in the same area, go to the same places, etc. This will put you higher in the result list than other people.

They might even use software to find you. It will take your email and name, and automatically search all the platforms it has been configured to search and give the results.

If you have a private account they might make a fake account and add you so they can see your info.

Once they find one of your accounts it is easier to find connected accounts, and can do reverse image searches on your profile pictures.