ELi5 how do temperature controlled clothes (like Levi’s TruTemp) work?


Basically the title. How does the fabric “know” when to release heat and when to trap it in? I’m really fascinated by this, because I’m pretty sure it’s not just an outlandish claim, as I know it works, at least anecdotally.

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Levi’s has added two new technologies to its Performance Collection of men’s denim. The All Seasons Tech capsule features Thermadapt technology, which is a “thermos-regulating technology that helps you keep warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot,” Jonathan Cheung, the brand’s senior vice president of design innovation, told Rivet. “It’s a hollow fiber that we use for the denim that works by using air as insulation, just like having doubled walled glass in your windows,” he added.