Eli5: How do we get fat symmetrically?


Why do we not have awkward lumps everywhere or just bulges off this side or something?

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Most of your body is already pretty symmetrical.

Basic symmetry helps you move. For example, it’s easier to lift a barbell with forty pounds on each side than one with ten on one side and seventy on the other.

Your body naturally wants to distribute your weight evenly, usually around your hips/belly because that’s where it’s easier to carry.

Your body knows to do this because it’s coded in your DNA and it got there over millions of years of natural selection as your more symmetrical ancestors lived longer and procreated more than their less symmetrical siblings.

You also tend to get fat different places depending on ancestors environment. Fat is a great insulator as well as energy storage. So if your ancestors were surviving polar temperatures, they tended to get a layer of fat all around for heat conservation. If they were in tropical hot areas, they tended to get the fat stored in specific areas(butt, hips) so as NOT to insulate the whole body to allow for more cooling.