eli5: how do you get cars into the second floor of a mall?


i understand the first floor (or groundfloor idk) but the second and third? while the building is already made? pls explain

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Usually these malls have 2nd floor parkade with doors that can be opened wide enough for a car. If not, then I have no idea.

Usually, if a mall is multiple stories, it’s built into the side of a hill so that it can have upper and lower loading docks. The car is a big singular item, but all the merchandise in all of the stores has to be delivered too, and they are not carrying that all up stairs or in elevators.

Basically the car will be in a crate with packaging. There will be a vehicular route for a forklift vehicle or a car low loader to be pushed through the venue and a crane will lift it up so that with manual handling it can be cited placed in position.

In TV/movies effects, workers can easily using moulds make a fibre glass facsimile that looks like a real vehicle, but weighs one twentieth. I’d use that and weights to put the vehicle somewhere truly inaccessible.

Depends on the mall design.

Some have large cargo elevators in the back areas to transfer products. Some have multi-level parcades with access doors. Some have service doors on the side of the build so a crane can hoist products up.

For all the parts of a mall you see like the vast atriums and the fancy storefronts and the sprawling food courts there’s also parts you don’t see, of interconnected corridors and storage spaces connecting the backsides of the stores to allow for storage and transportation of merchandise without having to get everything through the areas the customers go through during off hours. There’s also large freight elevators used to carry large amounts of merchandise around. Often these elevators can fit and lift cars and are used when bringing up vehicles on higher floors. Alternatively if there’s a balcony on the higher floors the car may be lifted up there by a crane and driven inside at night but usually they just have elevators for this kind of stuff since malls are built with these things in mind.