eli5: How does a Flip flop work and what is its purpose (electronics)?


eli5: How does a Flip flop work and what is its purpose (electronics)?

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A flip-flop is a special kind of circuit that can remember if it’s turned on or off. It has two states: “on” and “off.” When it’s turned on, it stays on until it’s told to turn off. And when it’s turned off, it stays off until it’s told to turn on.

Flip-flops are used in lots of different things, like clocks and computers. They help us remember things and keep track of time. When you press a button to make a clock go faster or slower, it’s using a flip-flop to remember the new time.

Flip-flops are really useful because they can keep track of things without us having to remember them. It’s like having a special helper inside the clock or computer that remembers everything for us

A flip flop is a bistable multivibrator circuit.

It is essentially a circuit that has an output dependent upon current inputs and its previous state. This differs from a standard logic gate in which the output is always dependent upon only the current state of the inputs-the previous state doesn’t matter.

Flip flops are normally clocked so that the output will only update on a clock transition. This and their output dependence on previous states allows them be used as a single bit of memory.

Uses of flip flops:

1) Register memory–a 16-bit register would have 16 flip flops to hold the value of the register

2) Counters–you can connect multiple flip-flops such that they will count upwards in binary

3) Data transfer–you can connect multiple flip-flops to create a shift register

4) Frequency divider–D flip flops can use feedback of their current state to toggle the output once per clock cycle. This effectively halves the clock frequency.