eli5 How does a travel agency work?

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Does it cost me extra to use one? I’ve heard some don’t but I’m skeptical. If they don’t how do they make money? Is it more of a hassle? Do they get kick backs from recommending tours/hotels?

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You know how you can go on Expedia and reserve your flight to a one week all-expenses-paid getaway resort and the rental car you need to get out and explore the area when you get tired of the pool on the third day?

Travel agents do that, except it’s humans not a computer system. Some may partner or have more experience with certain excursions/tours, restaurants, hotels, etc. and may be more likely to recommend those.

Used to be, before the take-off of internet travel services, that they could also get you some sweet upgrades (like a higher tier of room, or lower costs on tours). I don’t know if that’s still the case, though.