Eli5 How does alcohol affect our body?


Explain how does alcohol affects our judgment and other body functions, if any?

In: Biology

In quite a few ways. It tends to negatively impact your balance and fine motor control which can make even simple tasks like walking difficult. It makes people mentally fuzzy so they are slower to understand things, and it lowers their inhibitions which facilities poor decision making. It negatively impacts your vision and can lead to slurred speech. It leads to short term memory loss, and can lead to unconsciousness.

Alcohol has a wide variety of effects on the human body, from the additional calories consumed to the loss of balance due to actions in the inner ear. A factor in hangovers is dehydration, but acetaldehyde production and congeners are greater influencers. Substantial liver damage can occur as a result of excessive drinking along with other serious medical conditions, so the advice is moderation. – https://youtu.be/UfDdfRZmy1E