Eli5 how does radio and Sattliete TV work?


with so much high speed and no disturbance of signal…when it’s a huge distance

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We’re gonna do an experiment here. OK, you don’t have to do it, but think about it.

Grab a flashlight. Now turn off all the lights, the room is pitch black, and turn on the flashlight. Its bright and whatever you point it at lights up. Now put it on your hand, and shine the light into your hand. You can see some light passing through right? Your hand is solid, but the light is bright enough that some of it still goes through your hand or fingers a little.

Now imagine you had a flashlight that was like, super super powerful and bright. More powerful and bright than your little dinky flashlight at home. Except I’m gonna throw a wrench in here. You can’t see the light. It is light, but you can’t see it. Your eyes just don’t work the right way to see it, but its light just like you saw in that flashlight.

Now I put that super bright flashlight on top of a big building or tower, and instead of just point it in one direction, its more like a light bulb that goes in every direction. Its super ultra bright, but remember, your eyes can’t see it, but its there. And as far as the ‘light’ is concerned, its in a dark room with the lights turned off.

Now this light is so “bright” that you can see it from a long long ways away, and like the flashlight through your hand, it can even go through some things. Not everything, but many things.

In simple, that light is radio. Radio is just another version of light.

Now we’ve come up with lots of cool ways to adjust that light and to put coded messages in the light by adjusting it really rapidly, and found ways how to receive and decode those messages. Thats how radio works. ITs a bright light that sends out a coded message by messing with how the light works, and we have a receiver (like your car radio or the receiver on a satellite dish) on the other end that sees the changes and turns that into something useable.

Very ELI5.

Throw a rock to water and it causes a ripple. This is how a basic radio wave works.

So now, imagine you could also form the ripple. That ripple is then received by a radio and converted into the nice music you hear on the radio.

Also, radio waves can travel across the world. I remember there was a scene in the popular TV show Lost, where they could be able to hear some radio wave streamed from another part of the world.