Eli5 how does your body know what type of muscle to use at any moment?


As i know it, there are 2 different muscle types, one is for endurance and one is for strength. How does the body know which one to use at any fiven moment?

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Simple answer: your premise is not true, there aren’t two muscle types separated by strength and endurance, both of these are just properties handled by one tissue. There are different muscle types but they are separated by structure and function in the body, not properties: smooth muscles – muscles that run your internal organs like lungs or digestive track, cardiac muscles – muscles that build your heart, and skeletal muscles – they allow you to move.

Through practice.

When you start start lifting weights, it’s not uncommon to *double* your strength in a couple of weeks. That’s not because you’ve gained a buttload of muscle mass, but because your body got better at knowing how to use your muscles.

Asking for an ELI5 for a question like this doesn’t really work. The brain and how it manages to control every tiny little aspect of our bodies is not fully understood by anyone. The best answer anyone could give is “because the brain learned to do it.”

The reality is there is no separation in what muscle fibers get use in a particular group. When your body fires them off both kinds get used. And them fast twitch get fatigued and slow twitch take over the bulk of the movement once the fast twitch stop working effective