Eli5: How is it possible to “feed” someone trough an injection?


I saw some all-in-one packs online, I have looked at the nutritions and I saw oils, it does not mixes with water at all, isn’t that should cause some trouble, like blood cloths?

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What did you see? There are ways to “feed” through a vein but single injections into tissue are typically very small volumes of carrier with vitamins and not nearly enough to provide adequate nutrition on their own.

Nutrients are broken down in the intestines and fed into the blood supply for transport through the body.

Injection of those same nutrients into the blood does the same thing, gets them into the system.

As for clots? The oils are apparently liquid at room temp. Why would they clot in warmer human bodies?

Oils WILL mix with water. They’ll circulate in the blood just fine. Think salad dressing. Shake it up and it’s mixed. It’s not *dissolved* but it’s mixed. In the blood stream it won’t sit still to settle out.