Eli5 how shower floors aren’t slippery?


How? Is it because our feet get pruny? Does it have to do with the floor markings? I can understand that soap would make it slippery because of less friction but how does water not do the same?

In: Engineering

Yes its because of textured flooring and your feet. Friction is your best friend as long as you don’t try and fight it.

Shower tiles have a sorta-kinda rough texture that is designed to ensure adequate friction remains even when wet. One piece showers (plastic cast usually) bake a texture into the floor part specifically, and some even add a “sandy” feel by way of dots or stripes. These surfaces are designed to maintain contact between skin and floor by channeling water away under pressure (like standing).

They are slippery. Even when you don’t think they are, it just takes one wrong move to end up on your back. People fall in the shower and get hurt all the time.