Eli5 how will Google’s internet DRM affect all of us that use the web?


Been hearing about how Google wants to DRM the web lately and basically destroy the free and open internet. Can someone please explain how this will destroy the web? I’m not a expert on computers so I need someone to explain what this will do for all of us.

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Google Chrome is used by over 70% of internet users.
It is even the basis of browsers such as Microsoft Edge.

Google have created a system to verify what software is being used in other words disallow people if they are not running the software that the site owner wants.

Wrong browser – blocked
Unwanted extensions – blocked
Competitors software – advertising to switch

The Google argument is that such systems already exist on both iOS and android and this is extending it to the web (well chrome) but if this takes off and you dont use a chromium based browser get ready to not use some internet services.

Google’s Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), better known as internet DRM, assures copyright-protected content (i.e, movies and music) to be played securely via web browsers. Sounds like a fair game for copyright holders, yet this seems quite inimical for the broad web.

Why? For starters, the assertion that it could hinder competition and inventions from smaller companies to develop new-fangled web browsers and media player technologies is worrisome. Moreover, there’s a possible creation of a segmented internet where only specific browsers or devices can approach particular types of content. What’s more, there are privacy and security concerns; companies may track your content-consumption.

I mean, sure, internet DRM works for copyright proponents, but it threatens the openness and safety of the web and the users.