ELI5. Is Fibreglass cloth dangerous to use?

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I know that the infamous fibreglass shards used in construction and mattresses are very dangerous, but is being in contact with woven fibreglass dangerous?

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Woven fiberglass poses less of a risk to inhaling or touching small fibers as compared to fiberglass insulation. This of it as the difference between a cotton ball and a cotton blanket. If you pull at a cotton ball you’re going to get a bunch of small whispy strands of cotton. If you pull at cotton fabric you might tear it but nothing comes off. The same goes for fiberglass. The loosely packed fibers of insulation are easy to separate and become airborne. In the fabric they are spun together into tight strands where small bits can’t fly away easily. Though if you’re cutting it regularly, I’d still recommend a mask, glasses, and gloves for safety.