Eli5 Is the earth getting bigger?


With the massive rifts that have occurred from the earthquake in Turkey, is the movement of the tectonic plates increasing the diameter, even temporarily?

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No. Plates move, some plates go up, some plates go underneath others, some stretch and some squish. Overall it evens out.

Not in any substantial way. If you were to scale down the earth to the size of a brand new pool (aka snooker) ball, the earth would actually be smoother than the ball. The difference between the highest point and lowest point on earth, relative to it’s size, is actually less than the differences between the high point and low points on what we would consider a smooth object.

I suppose technically the density is constantly changing slightly, but nothing anywhere near noticeable.

Earth does grow slightly from space debris colliding, and shrinks slightly from gases leaving.

Overall though it’s a pretty set bubble of matter that just shifts around a bit.


If land rises in one area it falls in another. Earthquakes don’t create more stuff. They just rearrange what’s there.

Also: the Earth is almost 8,000 miles or 12,800 kilometers in diameter, and if an earthquake caused land to rise by 10 meters/yards that’s only 0.00001% of the Earth’s diameter.

But yes, the Earth is constantly getting bigger from all of the space dust and meteors that are constantly falling, [about 50 tons per day](https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/asteroids-comets-and-meteors/meteors-and-meteorites/overview/)

Diameter? hard to tell.

Weight? yes/no. yes cause we gain more mass from the space, and no cause we lose mass to the space everytime (gas).