Eli5 – Is there a standard practice for treating brain fog?


Eli5 – Is there a standard practice for treating brain fog?

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* better sleeping
* stop smoking
* go to see a doctor
* ask doctor to check your vitamin levels (b12)
* don’t forget to see a doctor, don’t rely your health on random people from the internet or webmd articles.

See your doctor.

The standard practice is, generally, figuring out what is causing it and then treating that.

First thing that comes to mind is do things that work on your attention span and less of things that decrease your attention span. Ie reading instead of scrolling social media. Or take a 10m a day in a room without technology. Take some time to think about anything at all.

So many things could cause brain fog, so you’d have to know what was causing the brain fog and treat that… Example: it turned out my brain fog was due to non-diabetic hypoglycemia. In my case, the hypoglycemia attacks were due to being malnourished as a result of a GI disease. When your glucose reserves are too low (hypgolycemia), your cognitive abilities begin to suffer (hence brain fog in my case); treating the hypgolycemia always made it go away within a few minutes. The ultimate solution was to gain enough weight so that the hypoglycemia attacks went away entirely. This was my unique situation; in another person, brain fog might be caused by a variety of other reasons.

Talk to your doctor is the best advice. With regards to the standard advice (better sleep, stop smoking, eat healthy), even if they don’t treat the brain fog, you can only benefit from these things.