Eli5: is there any estimation on what happened before the solar system was created?


The Earth is full of so many metals and heavy elements, this region of space must have experienced supernovae or neutron star collisions or any of a number of astronomical phenomena. Has anyone ever attempted to figure out what must have happened in the past to build our Solar System in exactly this way?

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The current model says that our solar system and everything in it came from a previous generation start which went nova. It’s core collapsed to form our sun while all of the ejecta form the rest of the solar system: planets, moons, asteroids, comets, etc.

It’s hard to identify what happened exactly because most of the material has condensed into our planets, and the solar system formed in another region of the galaxy and moved to where it is now.

Earth formed from a theoretical region called the Solar Nebula

Likely a supernova enriched a gas cloud resulting in a star forming region.

There is a working theory that our sun and numerous other stars were formed during a period of intense star formation that coincided with a galactic collision. When a smaller galaxy merged with the Milky Way.

Yes. Because of all the heavier elements present in the sun and the planets we are quite sure that the solar system is at least a second generation star and probably even a third generation star formed from the remnants of a previous star or several stars. We don’t know much of anything about the previous stars.