[ELI5] Minions and their Boomer audience



Hello all!

I feel like it’s all but confirmed that at one point, Minions were the face of Boomer memes; some are still being made today!

… But how on earth did this happen? I don’t understand the relation between child-friendly yellow marshmallows and adults from the mid 20th century; is this another My Little Pony paradox?

Bonus question – If Boomers are typically I.T. illiterate, who is making their content?


Minion memes aren’t hard to make at all. You just paste some text over already existing pictures of minions and you’re good to go. As for how this happened, I have absolutely no idea and I’d like to know.


The audience that the Minions movies appealed to is the, say, under 10 year olds. Since this demographic can’t quite go to the movies by themselves yet, they’re brought by their parents, who probably only ever get to the movies with their kids, so for them, this is their pop culture exposure.

When grandparents ask their sons/daughters what the grandkids want for birthdays/xmas, parents fall back to easy, current kid-friendly pop culture: minions. So now you have a large population of grandparents exposed to a children’s movie through the gifts/etc they’re buying. Get a large enough population exposed to something and they’ll start identifying themselves by it

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