Eli5 please explain hypnosis


If all that is required of hypnosis is to listen and do what the hypnotist wants you to do, why is it I can’t be hypnotized by a hypnotist on television?

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I’m not a hypotist, but i’ll say what i think is going on.

There is hypnosis for therapy, and there is stage hypnosis for entertainment. They are quite different, but they both rely entirely on your cooperation. Nobody can be hypnotized by force, and some people will struggle more than others to follow the directions of the hypnotist.

Therapeutic Hypnosis is a slow process of relaxing, slowing your breathing, and following the directions of your therapist.

Stage hypnosis is a kind of peer pressure. My understanding is that prior to the show, it is made very very clear that this is supposed to be fun. Dont participate if you dont want to join in. You have nothing to prove by resisting the hypnotist. Dont be a dick and ruin the show. This point is drilled in to foster an atmosphere of participation. They may even be told that only those that are more intelligent/creative are able to allow themselves to be hypnotized. As such, when the act begins, the subjects are preconditioned to just play along. Alongside this, the hypnostist may place their hands on them and guide them to the correct posture. So it would require active resistance to not play along.

The hypnotism that you see on tv where they put people under a spell is made up and the people taking part are actors.